Located in beautiful Rosanky, Texas, we specialize in training and the sales of ranch, working and performance roping horses.  

We train, manage and sell some of the finest working horses you will ever ride. We specialize in team roping horses and family, ranch horses. Whether you are looking to buy a horse, have one you want in training or one to sell feel free to give us call. We are a private, family owned and opperated facility that takes time daily for each end every animal we have. The following video shows you who we are and what we do. After years of family changes and lease barns;  we are rebuilding our own, new facility in a beautiful, rural location. 


Sales Horses


We train ranch bred, performance horses and frequently act as selling agent for many of our client's consignment horses. We have horses available at all ages and levels of training. 

  • -Quality prospects
  • -Family and trail horses
  • -Started and Finished roping horses
  • -Occasional Western Pleasure and Barrel Horses
  • -Performance, riding and show Mules

Looking for something in particular, let us know. We rope and ride with some of the finest riders in the country, if we don't have it, we usually know who does. You'll even find our animals on TV and commercials.

Please remember to have a current Coggins and have your horse vaccinated before you bring it to the farm.

We start horses of all ages and specialize in finishing rope horses.